The Priority Store offers container solutions that are simple, complete and straightforward. We’re geared toward smaller businesses and home-based creatives of all kinds. Ideal for candy, foods, snacks, animal treats and pet care; secure for nutrition and wellness powders – even suitable for canabis and cbd products. We fill a variety of needs with packaging that clearly makes sense.

We supply clear plastic and hdpe bulk containers containers to various small businesses in the food and beverage sector. From the clear plastic tubs that retailers use for pretzels and popcorn, to the jars and globes that display candies and sweets, The Priority Store also sells the industrial beverage concentrate containers that bottlers and processors use. Products start fresh, store fresh and stay fresh.

Pet owners have go to great lengths to pamper and care for their pets. The Priority Store has an assortment of packaging options to help you and your pet care goods stand out. Bags or boxes can conceal true quality. Showcase your impressive creations in clear, rigid plastic. It’s brand friendly, provides durable protection and has clearly strong shelf appeal.

Secure packaging guarantees the integrity of your products. We know how true this is in the packaging of nutrition and wellness products. The Priority Store has a complete array of clear plastic containers that will protect the purity of your products – and, safe-guard your brand. We offer multiple shapes, sizes and contours – and, the experience needed to deliver reliable containers for nutritional and wellness products.

When it comes to hardware and novelty packaging, crisp, clean and clear plastic just looks and feels. At The Priority Store, we care about your stuff! Not only about the way your stuff looks on retail shelves or feels in the hands of consumers; we care about it safely and securely getting from point A to point B. Plus, our containers make a statement of quality. You’ll impart the very best first impression possible!

Unique designs that lend themselves to special occasions. These containers are festive, whimsical and perfect for events and celebrations. The Priority Store has a collection of specialty item containers that convey a unique emotion and express a personal wish. Holiday designs, hearts, globes, and eggs. All these clear plastic containers are food-safe and recyclable.

The Priority Store is stays in step with the needs of the growing cannabis, cbd and hemp industries. We have storage, display and distribution solutions for growers, distributors, retailers and dispensaries. We bring years of experience in packaging solutions across many industries. We deliver safe, secure and affordable packaging solutions that present your branded goods in the very best possible light.