Secure and Tough! For the shipping and storage of bulk liquids, concentrates, flavorings, oils, as well as flours or other fine powders in bulk, we offer PriorityPour Tight Heads. Store beverage and flavor concentrate as well as EMERGENCY BULK WATER STORAGE. We test them in-house for peak performance and they’re Certified Food Safe.

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Functionality and Convenience! For our signature PriorityPour tight heads – we offer cap tightening wrenches, pouring spigots, tamper-evident and knock-out caps for various uses – as well as accessory packs and replacement closures. Also, this is where you’ll find replacement and specialty lids for our line of clear plastic containers, too.

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Flattened Globes

Sturdy and versatile! These elegant workhorses not only stand out – they are strong and dependable. The angled neck opening makes filling and accessing content very nimble. Perfectly sized for countertops, shelving, displays or desktops, The Priority Store offers Flattened Globes in 4 different sizes to accommodate all types of needs and uses.

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Hand Grips

Easy to handle! Let The Priority Store lend you a hand! Our hand grip containers offer a built-in way to easily and securely open and carry these clear plastic jars. These items come in threaded neck designs – threaded lid included – and, are offered in 6 different sizes for a wide variety of uses. They are a cinch to grasp and hold!

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Big volume storage! Clear plastic Hexagon containers from The Priority Store are one of our most requested product groups – based on their visual appeal and ease-of-access. Large neck openings make it the perfect storage or display idea for nearly any type of item – candy, food, hardware. We offer 5 different sizes up to a whopping 342 ounces; all shipped with snap-on poly lids.

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Rounds in all sizes! The are myriad creative packaging options with clear plastic round containers from The Priority Store. Our inventory includes 10 different volume and lid/neck configurations to stylishly display and organize most anything. All are crystal clear and 4.25” to 4.5” in diameter. They’re FDA food safe to protect consumable contents and, lids are always included with purchase.

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Small Squares

Contents stay fresh! Clear, dependable and sturdy, small squares from The Priority Store help fulfill the needs of a wide range of packaging users. With base dimensions between 2.0”-3.5”, we stock designs as small as 6 ounces. Four different sizes in all. Recyclable and food-safe, we deliver with white threaded lids included.

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Specialty Items

Perfect for special events! Festive, whimsical and perfect for the right occasion, The Priority Store has a collection of specialty item containers the can capture a special wish and convey a unique emotion. Holiday designs, hearts, globes, eggs – even cowboy boots and Christmas trees, all these clear plastic containers are food-safe and recyclable. Snap-on poly lids included.

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One of our favorites! Sturdy, symmetrical and always crystal clear, square containers from The Priority Store are a “go-to “ choice for a nearly infinitive number of packaging solutions. In all we stock 11 different size/volume square containers that are sold complete with their respective lids – snap-on poly or white threaded lid as needed. All are food-safe and recyclable, with base dimensions from 3.0” to 6.75”.

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More storage in less space! Stackable plastic containers from The Priority Store offer mega-storage volume with smaller shelf footprints. With volumes from 79 to 165 ounces, their “stack-ability” allows you to store more in the same shelf space. Now you can break those larger bulk quantities into smaller and more manageable amounts with easier access. Keep it fresh with snap-on poly lids – included with container purchase

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Tubs L-Series

Clear, strong and reusable! Clear plastic tub containers provide ample storage for a variety of food, health and retail products. The Priority Store stocks 5 varying sizes of these containers with either snap-on poly lids or clear handle plastic lids – included with container purchase. There’s up to 166 ounces of storage in these food-safe and recyclable containers. Store more -and, keep it fresh!

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Mini Tight Heads

Compact and Durable! The “little brother” of one of our flagship products – these stackable tight head MINIS come from the same product family as our PriorityPour tight heads. These PriorityPour Minis are popular for beverage and flavor concentrates – and, an ideal solution for BULK WATER STORAGE. Tough and portable, we test them in-house for peak performance and they’re Certified Food Safe.

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Reusable, recyclable and environmentally aware

Crystal clear and high-imapct resistant

The majority of our available containers are clear plastic PVC. This material is an excellent selection to allow your potential consumers to have a sneak peek of your product before they commit to purchase. These containers are strong- yet lightweight, durable and cost-effective. They maintain exceptional clarity and are HDA-compliant and food safe.

New to THE PRIORITY STORE: Light industrial Containers

For the shipping and storage of bulk liquids, THE PRIORITY STORE is please to offer PriorityPour Tight Heads – a popular choice for beverage and flavor concentrate as well as the storage of chemicals, solvents and bulk cleaning supplies.

These rough and ready containers are throughly tested to UN and DOT standards and are Certified Food Safe as well. We offer a flexible selection of LIGHT INDUSTRIAL products for small quantity purchase.


We have experienced a significant increase in demand for safe, clean and reliable water storage solutions. PriorityPour tight heads – and, tight head minis are the natural and durable choices to fill this need in the USA marketplace.